Protect and Enjoy Your Second Home More!

A second home in Florida can be a great investment.

Buying a second home in any one of the gulf beach communities in Pinellas County, Florida, is a smart investment.  Historically, home values along the gulf beaches appreciate over time. You enjoy spending time in one of America’s premiere vacation destinations and one day retire here, already having a home bought at today’s prices. Unfortunately, managing a second home from hundreds or thousands of miles away can be difficult.  Weather conditions can be unpredictable and destructive.  Opening and closing a vacation home cuts into the time you need to rest and recharge.  Trusted Home Services is here to handle all of that, and more!  Trusted Hands Services is a residential property management company that offers services to help you protect and enjoy your second home more.

Protecting your Second Home and Investment

Residential Property Management.  Trusted Hands Services.
Trusted Hands Services watches over everything.

Protecting the investment you make in a second home is what Trusted Hands Services is all about.  Five zip codes cover the Pinellas County gulf beach communities. According to Zillow, the average price of homes for sale in those zip codes is just over $589,000.  Waterfront and near-water property values generally appreciate over time and demand is usually strong.  The combination of high home values, steady appreciation and strong demand combine for an attractive investment opportunity.  In order to maximize your return, you have to constantly protect and maintain it.  Here are two things that can go wrong if your second home is left untended, even for only a week.

Mold will Grow. . .

If your air conditioning system fails, humidity will build up and mold can grow.  According to, Under ideal conditions (optimal temperature and level of humidity), it takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to germinate and grow. Typically, the spores begin to colonize in 3 to 12 days and become visible in about 18-21 days. 

Bugs Move In. . .

Cockroaches use dry pipes to crawl into your home. If your sinks, toilets and showers are not used at least every week they become the entryway into your home. On top of that, mineral deposits build up in seldom-used pipes and overtime, clogs can occur.

A Home Protections Services Package from Trusted Hands Services will help you protect and enjoy your second home more, keep your investment safe, and give you peace of mind. That’s what good property management is all about.

Enjoy your Second Home More

Residential property management.  Trusted Hands Services.
Trusted Hands Services takes care of everything, so you can enjoy your vacation more.

Another benefit that comes from working with Trusted Hands Services is convenience.  When you are using your vacation home, you want to spend every moment relaxing and recharging.  A Welcome/So Long Services package makes sure you can squeeze every drop of fun out of every minute. 

Before you arrive, we will:

  • Thoroughly clean your home
  • Put fresh linens on the beds and in the bathrooms,
  • Stock your refrigerator and pantry with food and beverages you order
  • Put out deck furniture
  • Get your grill ready for use. 

When you arrive, a welcome amenity will be waiting to get your vacation started in style. 

After you leave, we will:

we will come back to

  • Strip the beds
  • Do the laundry
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Shutter away deck furniture

We secure your home and property and get it ready to use to resume our weekly home visits that come with our home protection package.

Protection from the Storms and Vandals

Residential Property Management.  Trusted Home Services.
Trusted Hands Services installs storm shutters on condos and single family homes.

If your second home already has storm shutters but you are not here to deploy them, they provide no protection.  That’s when you’ll want our Storm Protection Services. When named storms approach, Trusted Hands Services mobilizes to deploy existing shutters on our clients’ homes. This will protect them from the damage high winds and water can inflict.  After the storm has passed and the neighborhood is safe, we take down the shutters and store them in your home for future use.  All this is done quickly.  Your home protected from storms as well as thieves and vandals who can tell when property is vacant. 

Service programs offered by Trusted Hands Services help you protect and enjoy your second home and are vital to ensure your investment grows.  Along with being property managers, we are also licensed general contractors, providing handyman and renovation services too.  We have the knowledge and experience in home renovations and repair. We maintained your home to the highest of standards so you can enjoy relaxing vacations from which memories are made.  For more information about programs we offer or to contact us, visit