Get More for Your Short Term Rentals

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Home owners rest easy when Trusted Home Services manages the rental of their vacation home along the Pinellas County Gulf Beaches.

Owning a second home located along the Gulf Beaches in Pinellas County can be a great investment.  You can take advantage of property value appreciation and, if your community allows, you can also put your investment to work, renting it on a short-term basis.  The cash flow generated can help off-set the investment.  Ultimately, the property pays for itself.  Companies like Airbnb and VRBO can get renters but they do not provide the full range of services offered by Trusted Hands Services.  These services are designed to provide a higher-level experience for renters. This increases the likelihood of repeat renters and get higher rental rates. Most importantly we protect your home and reduce the risk of damage that comes with short term rentals.  Here is how to get more for your short term rentals.

Delight Your Short Term Renters

Short Term Rentals  Family Vacations  Trusted Hands Services
Families love vacationing in homes managed by Trusted Hands Services.

Trusted Hands Services offers a Short Term Rental Program that provides a superior experience for the renter and return booking.  This superior experience starts before your renters arrive! The team from Trusted Hands Services will visit your property to make it sparkling clean. We also stock the kitchen with items needed for a great vacation.  Normally items for breakfast, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are on the stocking list.  The convenience of having these items in stock when the renters arrive jump-starts a great vacation experience.  We also provide recommendations for local restaurants, shops, and attractions in the area.  This helps to make your renters stay so enjoyable, they want to return for another extraordinary vacation experience. 

Covering Every Contingency

Trusted Hands Services provides a 24-hour emergency hotline number that renters can use if a home system fails or damage needs immediate repair.  If there is a problem, the Trusted Hands Team is on call. We quickly visit the property to address the issue and find a solution. And we contact the property owner every step along of the way.  That means the owner can sleep easier knowing that every contingency is covered and the renter’s vacation can continue with the least amount of inconvenience.

A Watchful Eye, Loving Care, and Handy Man Services that Minimize Down Time 

When the rental period is over, the Trusted Hands Team comes back, thoroughly cleans the property. We change the linens and remove any partially and unused perishable foods.  We take inventory of everything to make sure nothing was stolen or damaged. Then we develop a list of items needed for restocking.  If repairs are needed, we can schedule immediate handyman services through our sister company, Trusted Hands Contracting.  As a full-service general contractor, Trusted Hands Contracting can handle everything including:

  1. Window and window screen repair
  2. Ceiling fan installation and repair
  3. All forms of carpentry work
  4. Plumbing services
  5. Painting and Touch Up
Short Term Rentals Repairs Trusted Hands Services

Not only do we have the experience, but we also have a crew that we can deploy at anytime to make repairs and minimize property downtime.  You will never lose a rental because of a delay in repair.  We have extensive experience in home renovation.  We coordinate and oversee projects. When work requires a specialized home services, we make sure the job is done right.

Direct Booking for Return Renters

As a local service, we make every effort to connect with your renters. We develop a database of contacts, and help facilitate future bookings.  This will reduce your dependence on rental companies and keep more income in your pocket.  We provide complete transparency so our clients know who is renting their property and how to contact them.  

A Short Term Rental Program Where Everybody Wins

A short term rental program from Trusted Hands Services is designed for our clients who want more repeat renters, more transparency about who is renting from them, and ways to contact former renters directly.  At the same time, we provide a superior client experience that gives them peace of mind and a rental experience that ensures a vacation beyond expectations.  And we back everything up with in-house handyman and home services to protect your investment and reduce rental down time.  If you are ready to get more for your short term rentals, contact Trusted Home Services today. 

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