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Home Protection Services protect your vacation and rental home investment. It is what Trusted Hands Services is all about.  Without regular visits to your home, you are at risk of several problems that can arise.

  • If your air conditioning system fails humidity will quickly build-up inside your home. That can result in mold growth. As a result, your walls and ceilings can be damaged.
  • If pipes are not flushed with water regularly mineral deposits can clog them.
  • If pest control is not regularly scheduled and confirmed, watch out! Your home can risk cockroach, termite, and rodent infestation.
  • If your swimming pool pump fails, algae will quickly take over. That can cause serious damage. As a result, expensive repairs occur.

These problems and others can cost thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs. A Trusted Home Services Home Protection Package covers it all!

Home Protection Services Package

A stethascope placed on a toy house signifies home protection services from Trusted Hand Services.

Weekly Home Visits

A Trusted Hands Service representative will visit your home each week. We check on all major systems including HVAC, plumbing, swimming pool systems, and grounds.  As a result, we will make sure everything is functioning properly.  Then, we send a weekly status report to you.

Major Systems Repairs

We notify you immediately of needed repairs. Then we coordinate with your system provider if you have a warranty claim or service contract.  If no warranty or service contract exists, we will collect service bids from a select group of vetted service providers.

After that, we will schedule a repair service, greet the service company, and remain present in your home during the entire length of the service call.

Major Systems Maintenance

We will schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC system to ensure continuous and efficient operation. Additionally, we will make sure your fireplace is clean and in good working order. That way it’s ready to use on those rare, cold nights.

Pest Control Scheduling

We will schedule regular pest control services. After that, we greet the service provider and remain in your home during the entire length of the service call.  Most importantly, unwanted guests stay away. Plus our experienced professionals can spot early warning signs of termites and rodents.

Swimming Pool Service

Regular swimming pool service will keep your pool sparkling and ready to enjoy.  We schedule regular service to properly maintain your pool.

Handyman Services

We offer handyman services through our sister company, Trusted Hands Contracting. Trusted Hands Contracting is a licensed general contractor. In addition, they have experience in all repair and renovation work.

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