Storm Protection Services

A funnel cloud forms over a beach. Storm protection services from the Trusted Hands Team protects your second home.

Storm protection services from the Trusted Hands team safeguard your vacation home. When major storms threaten the Pinellas County beach communities, count on the team at Trusted Hands Services. You’ll get the protection and peace of mind you need. It’s just one of the services offered to manage your vacation home.

Storm Shutter Deployment

Trusted Hands Services keeps a close eye on storms that take aim at the Tampa Bay area. When the threat is significant, we take action. We will deploy hurricane shutters on your home to make sure it’s protected. It will be locked down before, during and immediately after the storm passes. Once the storm is over and the neighborhood is secure, we will take the shutters down and return them to storage.

Storm Shutter Protection

Our sister company, Trusted Hands Contracting can make storm shutters for any size window, slider or door. We will submit an estimate recommending the type of shutter or barrier that is best for your home. After that, they build them to order. Once built, we will test the installation to ensure they are tight and provide the protection your home deserves. We can also provide advice on hurricane-rated windows and doors, then recommend preferred local companies that specialize in these products and installation.

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